Children's Complete Modeling
and Acting Workshop

9 Sessions

Includes Photoshoot

9 Sessions Includes Photoshoot

9 Sessions Includes Photoshoot

We are offering a fun and exciting children's ON-CAMERA Television Commercial Acting Workshop (sessions 4 - 6) in combination with a print modeling photo workshop (sessions 1-3). And a Runway workshop ( session 7- 8) as a complete child modeling masterclass

This workshop allows your child to expand their own creative dramatic expression and star in their own television commercials through learning standard auditioning techniques used in the television and film industry. The print modeling photo workshop helps build your child's awareness of body movement and photo posing techniques for the still camera necessary for local, national and international fashion shoots.

Modeling Workshop

Modeling Workshop

Modeling Workshop

Session 1

Introduction to Photo Posing

Expressions and Bodyline

Body Movement for Catalog & Commercial Print

Session 2

Parents: Wardrobe Check and Selection for Photo Shoot

Print Posing with Props & Posing Games

Advanced Catalog & Commercial Print Posing

Session 3

On-Location Professional Model's Fashion Photo Shot and Reels making

2 Looks w/ Styling, 15 Composite Cards for industry use

Acting Workshop

Acting Workshop



Session 4

Introduction & Orientation

Creative Facial Expressions, Body Language & Vocal Games

Slating Techniques & Eye Contact to the Camera

Beginners Commercial Auditioning Techniques

One-liner Script Reading

Session 5

Importance of On-Camera Animation and Energy

Working with Props, Questions & Answers

Multiple Script Reading Techniques

Creating an impressive kids Demo Reel

Session 6

Cold Reading Techniques w/Props

Relating to Other Actors

Rehearsed Script Reading

Students Star in their Own Commercial!

Runway Workshop

Runway Workshop



Session 7

How to Become a Runway Model

The Art of posing and making eye contact with photographer

Being comfortable in your own on stage

Building confidence Infront of live audience

Session 8

Casting calls etiquettes

Catwalk Demonstration on stage

Walk the walk

Backstage walk through and beauty prep


Session 9

Students and Parents Graduation with a catwalk show

Review TV Commercial Acting Tape

Review of Photo shoots and runway practical’s

Functions of an Agency & How it All Works

Navigating the Modeling & Acting Industry

How to be a Successful Kid Model & Actor!

Enrollment is limited.

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Lesson Benefits
And Results

Lesson Benefits

and Results

Confidence &

Builds self-confidence and creativity in a fun filled environment


Enhanced clarity of speech and self - expression, improve child presentation skills


Develops social skills and improves general good manners

Performance &

Improved ability to perform and interact with an audience


Improved listening capabilities

Hear From
Happy Parents

Hear From

Happy Parents

We have noticed that Chloe’s confidence has improved significantly over the last couple of weeks and Teacher Hettie and I have discussed her progress, thank you. I am really happy that she is enjoying the classes and making progress in the confidence category as that was the very reason we wanted her to take these classes.


I’m very happy that I’ve enrolled Yolaine into Little Actors. Even the Ballet Teacher said that Yolaine has improved in the last term. She is more talkative and shares much more with us! Thank you for everything.


Thanks a lot, Sidze is always talking about you and she makes sure that she shows me and her father how good she can act, she is blessed to have you in her life and she loves you a lot. Thank you very much for your teaching and guidance towards her life. Have a blessed weekend.